France Nouvelles Energies offers you the opportunity to become a partner in the creation of a forest carbon sink that will make a real contribution to the fight against climate change, by financing a share of the creation and management of plantations to reforest and make a degraded forest resilient. The counterpart targeted for this investment is the French low carbon label, within the framework of the French LBC regulation. Then, once the required audits have been carried out, carbon credit accounting, up to the amount of carbon stock sequestered thanks to the reforestation action. In close association with local stakeholders and its partners, France Nouvelles Energie coordinates the activities required to carry out the carbon sink project until the carbon credits are awarded under the France low carbon label, and in particular: - the preparation of technical and economic studies

  • the development of a contractual framework that meets the expectations of the project partners
  • the management of administrative procedures
  • the project management and piloting of the various experts involved in the project.

Because each France Nouvelles forest carbon sink project is built on the basis of a territory project, we can offer our partner-financers tailor-made services. Are you interested by becoming a partner of a forest carbon sink on French territory? Do not hesitate to go to the contact page: we will come back to you soon to talk about it! .