Climate change .... now is the time to act remember...

163 years ago already … : "In a hundred or two hundred years, the world, being criss-crossed by railroads, steamboats, being covered with factories, factories, will release trillions of cubic meters of carbonic acid and carbon monoxide, and as the forests will have been destroyed, those hundreds of trillions of carbonic acid and carbon monoxide may well disturb the harmony of the world a little bit". (Eugene Huzar, "the tree of science", 1857).
Even 30 years ago . . : "By dint of mastery, we have become so little masters of the Earth that it threatens to master us in turn. Through it, with it and in it, we share a common temporal destiny. Even more than we possess it, it is going to possess us when the old necessity existed, which subjected us to natural constraints, but in a different way than in the past. Once locally, now globally. Not only is the new nature itself global, but it responds to our local actions." (Michel Serres, "The Natural Contract", 1990)
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Ten years ago at last..." Most human activities are related to nature, and a new approach to relationships with nature is probably a condition for their sustainability. There are three possible approaches, depending on the type of activity: sustainable use of resources, full compensation for degradation, and the search for synergies between our societies and natural environments. (...) The idea is to deal with nature, which leads to the emergence of new concepts such as investment in natural capital or development with positive biodiversity. The challenge of this approach is to overcome nostalgia for a lost harmony with nature, in order to weave new relationships with it, without renouncing modernity, but on the contrary making full use of the possibilities for action it offers. » ( Laurent Piermont, “acting with nature, towards sustainable solutions”, April 2010) (Laurent Piermont, « agir avec la nature, vers des solutions durables », avril 2010)